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English Harbour Port

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English Harbour Port Cask Finish: 5-year aged Antiguan rum with a port wine twist. Dark fruit & spice aromas with rich sweetness & oaky warmth. Smooth, complex spirit for neat sipping or creative cocktails. Limited edition treat for rum explorers.

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English Harbour Port Cask Finish: Unveiling a Fruity Twist on Antiguan Rum

Origin: Antigua and Barbuda, Caribbean

Type: Aged Rum, Port Cask Finish

Age: 5 Years + Port Finish

ABV: 46%


English Harbour Port Cask Finish offers a unique twist on the classic Caribbean rum, infusing it with the rich and fruity notes of Portuguese Port wine. This small-batch rum boasts a complex flavor profile, perfect for those seeking an exciting sipping experience.


  • Fruity: An explosion of dried fruits like plums, raisins, and dates, complemented by hints of black cherry and fig.
  • Spicy: Delicate notes of cinnamon, nutmeg, and black pepper add depth and intrigue.
  • Chocolate: Subtle hints of dark chocolate add a touch of richness and complexity.
  • Woody: Oaky notes from the initial bourbon cask aging provide a grounding foundation.


  • Smooth and full-bodied: The port cask finish adds a touch of sweetness and fruitiness, while maintaining the rum’s smooth character.
  • Balanced: Sweetness from the port is balanced by hints of spice and oaky dryness.
  • Long and lingering: The finish is warm and satisfying, leaving behind a trail of dried fruits, chocolate, and spice.