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English Harbour Madeira

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English Harbour Madeira Cask Finish: 5-year aged Antiguan rum with a Madeira twist. Nutty, spicy & citrus aromas with marzipan sweetness & oak warmth. Smooth, complex spirit for neat sipping or adventurous cocktails. Limited edition rum infused with island heritage

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English Harbour Madeira Cask Finish: A Rum Infused with Island Heritage

Origin: Antigua and Barbuda, Caribbean

Type: Aged Rum, Madeira Cask Finish

Age: 5 Years + Madeira Finish

ABV: 46%


English Harbour Madeira Cask Finish pays homage to the founders’ roots, offering a unique rum infused with the spirit of Madeira Island. This small-batch rum boasts a complex flavor profile, where Caribbean warmth meets the distinctive character of fortified Madeira wine.


  • Nutty: Warm notes of walnuts and hazelnuts mingle with hints of marzipan and toasted almonds.
  • Spicy: Delicate touches of cinnamon, clove, and ginger add depth and intrigue.
  • Citrus: Bright notes of orange peel and lemon zest add a refreshing touch.
  • Woody: Oaky notes from the initial bourbon cask aging provide a grounding foundation.


  • Smooth and medium-bodied: The Madeira cask finish adds a touch of sweetness and complexity, while maintaining the rum’s smooth character.
  • Balanced: Nutty notes intertwine with hints of marzipan, citrus, and spice, creating a unique flavor profile.
  • Warm and lingering: The finish is warming and satisfying, leaving behind a trail of spice, nuts, and Madeira’s distinctive character.

Additional Notes:

  • English Harbour Madeira Cask Finish is aged for five years in ex-bourbon casks, followed by a final few months in a blend of four different Madeira casks (Bual, Sercial, Malmsey, and Tinta).
  • This rum is non-chill filtered, preserving its natural character and complex flavors.
  • It is best enjoyed neat or on the rocks, allowing its full depth to shine. It can also be used in adventurous cocktails for a unique twist.


English Harbour Madeira Cask Finish is a rum that celebrates heritage and innovation. This limited edition expression offers a unique and flavorful experience, perfect for rum enthusiasts and those seeking a taste of the Caribbean infused with Madeira’s distinct character.