We´re always up for sharing our passion and absolute favourite topic, rum.
There is a lot to learn about this amazing spirit, a spirit full of life and a humongous range of
history in every little note you smell or taste. Let us guide you through the halls of flavour,
while introducing you to all that is not to be seen with the eye.

This task is not to be taken lightly and regardless your level of consciousness in your taste
buds, it should be pretty easy peasy. We have an expertise that goes a really long way.
As goes for our cabinets, storing the third largest rum collection in the world.

We are proud to present to you our knowledge and the product of our curiosity.
Our extended cocktail list is based on our own delicious creations, as well as classic
cocktails with a twist.

Drop by the very heart of the latin quarter of Copenhagen, and make our day.


Cocktails are festive and sometimes very bling. But at Rum Club we only believe in quality.
For the same reason most of our cocktails are made with our own award-winning brand. Beauty is just a bi product.

You will see that we dig the details. We don´t think that you can spoil a drink too much.
Therefore we make all of our juices and prep ourselves, we blend our own vermouths
and infuse our own liquors and lovable shrubs.

The menu


We want to share the science and the love for rum with you. Join us at our popular rum
tastings where we will initiate you in ways to really experience rum with all its history
and beautiful flavours.

This is a class with a high learning level and Rum Club will make you popular whenever
you mean to add value to your business relations, employees or just wish to mix business
with stylish pleasure.

Smaller or bigger events like this can take place in the Rum Club bar or in any other
surroundings that suits you. We will meet your needs for tastings or cocktail-events at
your wedding, release or any other party.

Not playing hard to get, but we are rather busy educating people besides bartending,
so please give us a ring in time.


We look forward to meet you in the bar.

Rum Club
Studiestræde 5, Kld.
1455 Copenhagen

Official opening hours:
Tuesday - Thursday 16:00 - 01:00
Friday                       15:00 - 03:00
Saturday                   20:00 - 03:00

Need to ask something about our events or products? Or do you feel a sudden inner impulse to pay us a visit? We love spontaneous guests.

Feel free to knock on the window. Otherwise:

Phone: +45 5373 5040 or mail: rum(a)

We will provide you with all you need to know about rum and the market in general. Please
contact the Rum Geek Extraordinaire, Daniel Bascunan, daniel(a)

Sometimes we are attending international rum contests – but we are never too busy to return your request.